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Chunky Collection

Sep 01,2020 | Yinn Ooi

Chunky, dazzling, and bold, the Chunky Jewellery collection makes an elegant statement for any occasion. Connected through exquisite links made from 14K gold-plated/rhodium-plated materials and finished with stainless steel for lasting quality.

The necklaces and bracelets you will discover in this collection are bound to get you eager to dress them up with your other accessories and garments. The finesse and beauty are an absolute delight to experience.

This Chunky Jewellery collection has taken inspiration from the ongoing "chunky" jewellery trend, but with an exclusive twist. These designs feature a more subtle, feminine touch, making them effortlessly versatile for pairing with many different outfits. 

Several of these pieces can also be worn in various ways, such as a necklace you can wrap twice around your wrist for a chunky bracelet look, thus giving them a more multifunctional effect. There are link-chain designs as well as more "woven" styles, depending on your style preferences.

With pieces that vary in size, lengths, and colours, there is a chunky masterpiece here for any woman to fall in love with.