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Material Makes A Huge Difference

We use only the best materials to make our jewellery collections last

Gung Materials

Understand Gung Jewellery's Materials

Our jewellery collections are crafted from only premium-quality materials like stainless steel & brass, and they are totally free from nickel & lead.

It makes all of our collections skin-friendly, they are all hypoallergenic and totally worry-free from getting skin allergic!

Perfect For Everyday Wear.

Stainless Steel

With its refined silvery finish, stainless steel is highly durable,
rust-resistant, and does not tarnish gradually.

Our stainless steel collection is PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated, a high-tech vacuum coating process that provides a shiny and solid exterior.


It's waterproof and non-tarnish, it's safe to be worn during sports and even in shower, makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Stunning Gold-like Appearance


Radiating a stunning gold-like appearance, brass is lighter, more delicate and it needs more care than stainless steel jewellery. Our brass jewellery is micron plated either in 14k - 18k gold or rhodium for an elegant luster sheen.

Jewellery Care

When you are not wearing your jewellery, store it flat and away from sunlight. Place the jewellery in the box after used help to prolong the life and finishing of your piece. After each wear, gently wipe with a soft jewellery cloth and store in a jewellery box.

For jewellery that made of brass or silver
They require a little more maintenance on jewellery care. As brass & silver material are more delicate compared to stainless steel, the finishes on plated jewellery may fade progressively over time from wear and tear.

It can be prevented by taking a few precautions in the care of your jewellery. Please handle your brass jewellery with care. It should always avoid contact with water, perfumes, moisturizes and cleaning products. Putting your jewellery on last when you are getting ready to go could help avoid those.

Keeping your brass or silver made jewellery in dry spot such as jewellery box or having it wrapped in an anti-tarnish cloth and/or an anti-tarnish bag is the best way to preserve its shine and quality.

How to clean your jewellery?
Use only non-gel toothpaste to smear onto the jewellery with toothbrush or rag is an excellent idea to clean it. Rub if off with soft cloth after 5 minutes, rinse well with warm water & wipe it dry thoroughly.