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Love Knows No Boundaries

Feb 06,2024 | Gung Admin

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, Gung has had the pleasure to connect with 5 diverse couples to bare their souls as part of our “Love Knows No Boundaries” campaign. The campaign focuses on different types of bonds, which doesn’t only revolve around romantic relationships, but also all the different relationships we have with the people in our lives. We’ve chosen to showcase the unique ways we show and express love to each other, to define the meaning of love in their own way. Through meeting these 5 different couples, we could witness that love is truly universal, and that love has the power to break conventional boundaries.



Birdy and Joy, inseparable best friends who share a deep bond that goes beyond conventional expressions of love. Despite their differing love languages—Birdy with a preference for physical touch and Joy leaning towards words of affirmation, their connection is seen in their ability to bring joy in each other’s lives.

Joy: “Whenever I have a problem, he will realise it without me saying it. Even though I’m not the huggy type, that’s how I know the love is there although I don’t show it.” 

Birdy, on the other hand, values Joy's unwavering support and trustworthiness, allowing him to feel empowered to “go against the world”. Best friends are some of the most important people, especially during times of physical distance. Hence, the playful dynamic of Birdy and Joy reminds us to cherish these meaningful connections in our lives.



The next pair we met was a couple originating from different ethnic backgrounds. Harran and Harlow shared a common passion for fitness, as their love story sparked at a martial arts gym. Their story speaks of how boundless love is, as Harlow appreciates quality time when her partner is by her side and Harran finds joy in giving small gestures of love.

Harran: “When we're away I just give [Harlow] updates about whatever I do. Sometimes we don't talk much on chat but I just tell her the small things to make her feel really reassured.”

Interracial love not only breaks societal norms but also fosters a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, ultimately strengthening the fabric of their relationship. The couple’s story is a testament to the idea that love knows no cultural bounds; it is a universal language that unites hearts in a shared journey of love and growth.



In the early stages of love, every moment feels like a new adventure. We met with a young couple, Joshua and Desiree, which embodied the essence of youthful love. The pair met online and instantly clicked.

Desiree: “It’s when he listens to me, because I feel like I have no one to talk to but [Joshua] always tells me that I can talk to him, and always listens and tries to make me laugh.” 

Desiree's vulnerability in expressing her need for someone to talk to highlights the emotional depth of young love when nurtured with care. Their trust and communication mirrors the romantic spark seen on TV screens, like Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. In a world where love knows, their story reminds us that even in the early stages, love has the power to bring people together where we can support one another. 



The next couple we met was Izzat and Sarah, an unexpected love journey that eventually blossomed into a beautiful romance, defying the conventional boundaries of traditional introductions. As they shared their unique connection, they highlighted the transformative aspect of their relationship.

Sarah: “I’ve learned from [Izzat] is communication. I don’t communicate well in terms of how I feel and my emotions, so that’s something that you've taught me.”

Their story goes beyond companionship, with the couple helping each other grow as individuals. They serve as each other’s guiding light, exemplifying the beauty and transformative power of a relationship. Izzat and Sarah, through their unexpected love journey, played a crucial role in each other's personal growth.



We then spoke with Danny & Joanne, who met at a swimming pool where Joanne was giving lessons.The warmth radiating from the pair gave us fuzzy feelings. As we explored the depth of their connection, it became clear that seasoned love is not just about longevity; it's about a shared history.

Danny: “When she's around me I'll feel happy. Even if she's not around, when I think of her I also feel happy”

In a long-term marriage, Danny and Joanne showed us the art of enduring love by weathering life's storms and finding joy in each other. We're taught to look for lightning strikes, passion, and fireworks, in love. But we can see that love is not just butterflies, it is about facing the trials of life together and being pillars of support for each other.


As we delved into the intricate layers of love with each pair we met, each couple's story is a unique chapter. From the unbreakable bonds shared by friends to marriages that have stood the sands of time, we find that love isn’t defined by any definition or boundary. Whether it's the shared laughter between best friends, the warmth of family, or the enduring commitment of lifelong partners, 'LOVE' in all its expressions remains a universal language that weaves us together. These tales gently whisper that love takes on countless forms, and genuine love transcends romantic gestures— LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES.