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Our Mission for Sustainability

With you and mother nature in mind, Gung continues to work towards the path of sustainability

Aware of the fashion industry’s negative environmental impact, Gung maintains a strong duty towards protecting our planet through environmentally-conscious acts. 💚


Trash to Treasure Program

In collaboration with Kloth Cares, we're giving your jewellery a second chance.

If you've got jewellery that's broken, old, or not quite your style anymore, send them our way!

Make Positive Changes

Make A Difference

We all know, when we throw something away, it must go somewhere. So why don't we make sure that it ends up on the right track?

Our program aims to make positive changes to our planet. Not only will you be helping create more jobs for the less fortunate, you're saving mother nature by creating less trash.

How The Program Works

Recycle For Rewards

When you make the choice to recycle, you get rewarded!

Every 100 grams of donated jewellery = RM10 store credits


Step 1 : Fill in this form
Step 2 : Pack your jewellery in a bag with your name and email address

Step 3 : Returns are not applicable for all donations. Please ensure you are comfortable parting with your items before donating.

Step 4 : Send them to Gung HQ via drop off or courier service. Done!