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Dec 01,2020 | Yinn Ooi

With the holiday season approaching, everyone is stepping up their gifting game. Are you ready to ace yours?

No matter who you are getting gifts for, a family member, a best friend, a colleague at work, or yourself (because you deserve it!), our Gung gift guide is the perfect place to start your shopping!

To help narrow down your search from our pool of amazing choices, we partnered with content creator Alyssa Johaan to weigh in on her selection of stylish pieces.


Alyssa Johaan is no stranger when it comes to aesthetics and beautiful things, a quick glance at her Instagram page will reveal her well-curated pictures in shades of neutral colours and dreamy earthy tones. Her fashion style is described as minimal but chic and timeless pieces are her must-haves.


Alyssa’s top 5 favourite Gung jewellery


Oda Pearl Gold Chain Necklace

Cres Mini Hoop Gold Earrings

Wyn Gold Chain Bracelet

Jas Bold Gold Ring

Cora Statement Gold Ring


“I love dainty pieces because it compliments my outfits well and makes a statement of itself,” says Alyssa. “I don’t really need to think much about accessorizing when it all looks well when put together.”


Thought of someone who would love a chain bracelet? Or someone with a similar fuss-free approach to jewellery that would love these pieces? Shop our collection and you’ll definitely impress the person receiving your gift!