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Maritsa Collection

Jul 22,2020 | Gung Jewellery Online Admin

Like jewels amongst rocks, the Maritsa collection comprises dazzling necklaces and earrings of graceful style - precious pieces emerging from the depths of hard work and awakening into reality with immaculate displays. Inspired by rushing rivers, beautiful Greek islands and quiet nature, the jewellery of the Maritsa collection strive to create a romantic appearance of refined, classic taste.

The allure of each piece is defined by luxurious gold tones and chic rhodium silver, with each varying in texture and form, but with all the same meaning of grace. Feel as though you are a powerful Greek goddess adorning the riches of paradise and harnessing your inner confidence with the intricate detail and precise artistry of each piece.

Dress them up with classy outfits or blend them together with clothing of extravagant colours and patterns. Purchase several and layer various pieces - merge necklaces and earrings with a variety of possible combinations.

The many ways you can choose to adorn the jewellery of the Marista collection are seemingly endless. Regardless of the way you intend to wear them, your entire look will be transformed from a dull, mundane expression into one filled with grandeur and life.