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#InternationalWomenDay2022 x Yi Ping Teo, the Co-Founder of PWRHOUSE

Mar 09,2022 | Jh See

Gung Jewellery is Challenging the Gender Bias

Gender bias continues to be a problem around the world. These biases and stereotyping have led to preconceptions being formed, limiting possibilities for women, and sowing the seeds of inequity, all to the disadvantage of our society.

This is the right time to take a moment to reflect on how far we've come and to consider what else we can do to help women's voices be heard.

In conjunction with the International Women’s Day 2022 with the theme of “Breaking the Bias”. We have invited a few of exciting personalities that we find very inspirational with women's empowerment, to represent Gung Jewellery to talk about their experiences & issues they’ve encountered in their workplace about gender stereotypes.

These ladies are confident, empowered, fun & always inspirational. Let’s get fascinated & inspired by them!



We are glad to have Yi Ping, the co-founder of PWRHOUSE onboard as one of our IWD personalities to share with us about her interesting stories & gender bias experiences encountered at her workplace!

International Women's Day Gung Jewellery
Xia Gold Cable Chain Necklace, Bold Boyfriend Paperclip Gold Chain Bracelet and Ovoid Gold Signet Ring worn by Yi Ping

1. Hi Yi Ping, could you briefly introduce of yourself?

My name is Teo Yi Ping, a fitness instructor & co-founder of PWRHOUSE. We are a fitness brand, a fitness studio, a fitness community where we offer spin and strength, where we train your mind & body, where we take every opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves. At PWRHOUSE, we use movement to unlock your mind really. We use movement to unlock your life, and that’s what we’re all about.

2. Tell us anything about your work, the fun & boring parts, anything that you'd like to tell share with us

To be honest, everyday is a challenge, an opportunity, a risk - essentially an experience, regardless of the circumstances. Each & every day whether we recognize it or not we are laying the foundation for what comes next.

At PWRHOUSE, we have a good ratio of men and women who understand and support one another. At times, it can be difficult when men are perceived to be somewhat ‘stronger’ than women, however it doesn’t change the way we view ourselves individually. We can always learn from one another, evolve together, build each other up - and I think that’s something special.

3. Have you ever experienced any struggles or problems at work that is related to gender stereotypes?

I’d like to say that we are in a business of personal transformation; and I absolutely love the fact that our team is diverse. Whatever size, age, colour, gender; we accept every individual like every other human being. We practice and we encourage everyone to stand in their “power” - it’s the ultimate core of what we do.

I guess there will be days when people are quick to judge, quick to assume. “Oh, you seem tired today - guess that’s cause it’s that time of the month” or “She/He looks more built, he/she probably stronger on the bike”. But we defy the norm; we practice equality and acceptance. We don’t worry about what people are going to say, and we share the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. We come alive when we do what we love. Our team is a mix of high energy, enthusiastic, passionate individuals; and they’re here to inspire everyone else around them. We provide a platform for them to have a voice, to stand up, and to represent that “power” - and this allows us as a team, to celebrate all individuals. 

4. Nowadays, what do you think about the mindset that people have should be changed in terms of gender equality?

It’s definitely tough to achieve gender equality. I think we should all learn to accept by changing the way we think, we talk, and act. Embrace those who are different, those who are unique. We’re meant to be different - that’s what makes us all unique. If we were all the same, we wouldn’t be able to learn from one another, or understand our differences. It’s about finding new perspectives, learning on the way, creating more opportunities; because women to deserve to feel worthy, and not any less compared to men.

5. Our goal is to reach more people to get the ideas of how gender stereotyping could affect people negatively. How do you think that this campaign would help to the society?

As a community, as a team - we are a voice, we are an energy, we are a force. We all have a unique view on the world, and we should recognize our voices, our impact, and not be afraid to share it. Never settle, defy the odds and make what seems impossible possible. Hopefully, in turn, women and men together can also own their power in all aspects.

We believe that WE ALL ARE responsible for breaking bias in our homes, schools, communities, and workplaces. Imagine a world where all genders are equal.
Together, we can change the world by contributing even just a little of our efforts. On this International Women’s Day, let's #BreakTheBas and promote equality. Let’s call out gender bias, discrimination, and stereotyping wherever we see it.

Let’s join us in this meaningful movement!