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Back To Basics: Jewellery for Casual Outfits

Feb 09,2023 | Gung Admin

If you’ve always thought that jewellery was only meant for special occasions, think again. Even when you’re sporting t-shirts and denim jeans, jewellery can add a chic touch to your basic looks. Today, we’re recommending simple jewellery pieces that will pair easily with any of your casual outfits!

Pendant Necklaces 

A dainty pendant necklace is definitely at the top of our list! Gold or silver, a pendant necklace like this Tesoro necklace will complement virtually any of your outfits (even baggy tees and sweatpants!). It also becomes a modern heirloom to treasure when you give it a personalised engraving! Made of waterproof stainless steel, you’ll never have to take this accessory off.

A Subtle Sparkle 

Matching jewellery with a laid-back look doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bling. We love our Astrea Stud Earrings for a subtle everyday sparkle. These are a classic pair of earrings to rock from Monday to Sunday!

Experiment with Layers 

If you really want to spice things up, try pairing up your necklaces to create variations in depth and texture. Even when you’re just in a plain button-up shirt, a necklace combo can instantly give your outfit a chic edge. Here, our model sports a Fucata Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace with a Herringbone Flat Bold Necklace for the perfect balance of soft and bold.

Silver Rings 

If you’re always rocking a B&W wardrobe, silver rings will be your new favourite accessories. One of our favourites is the Aurora Irregular Ring, a simple ring with a wavy design for that unique touch. Rings like this one will give a refreshing shine to your monochromatic outfits.

Edgy Silver Necklace

As the name suggests, Edgy is here to give your casual looks that ‘cool girl energy’. In t-shirts and denim shorts, this subtle statement piece is a fuss-free way to accessorise on the go. If you’re more of a gold person, our Box Thin Chain Necklace might be more up your alley!

Next time you’re putting on a casual outfit, don’t skip on the jewellery! Made for everyday wear, take these jewellery pieces wherever you go.

Love, Gung.