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Everlasting Enchantment

Sep 11,2023 | Gung Admin

6 years ago, a sparkle lit up a room. Yinn Ooi, the founder of Gung, envisioned a  brand that fits us all, in its individually unique way. This leads us to today, from brass to stainless steel, from one design to dozens, Gung is here to stay. 

From a different, yet related, background of design, Yinn has long specialised in materials and aesthetics. Gung is now a standing ovation to her eye for all things beautiful. 

‘Gung’, meaning ‘Palace’ in multiple languages, is a place for us all to be royal and to treat each other as such. Gung is therefore an agent for an ‘Accessible Regality’.


As a statement of achievement as Gung turns 6, we are thrilled to announce our latest collection - ‘ICONIC 2.0’. Embodying the brand’s values of sustainability, equality, empowerment and boldness, the new products encapsulate the six year journey.  

What is ‘Commonly Uncommon’ about the Campaign is the very material used; Stainless Steel, a commonly used and enduring material, used in a beautifully uncommon way. There’s no one like Gung. 

“Like stainless steel, Gung is Everlasting.”

We at Gung are excited to see where the road takes us. The glittering path is as promising as it is exciting. The fruit of our 6 year anniversary - ICONIC 2.0 - is something that can represent us all; it is unique, intricate and eclectic.


With love and gratitude, we invite you to join us:

Date: 15th -17th September 2023.

Time: All-day from 10AM-6PM.

Venue: Unfold Cafe, Subang Jaya.

RSVP Here!

We would lastly like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting Gung and her mission.