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Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set
Eco Packaging Set

Eco Packaging Set

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Product Description

Our new packaging isn’t just pretty to look at, it’s functional and eco-friendly too!

We designed a new envelope box with a dedicated space for written messages because this 2-in-1 function helps to reduce paper waste and is pretty too!


 - new GUNG envelope serves as a message card

- cotton jewellery pouch 

- only 1 per order; fit 1-3 items in a jewelry box for sustainable purposes.

Environment-Friendly, eco-friendly & recyclable material.

- The gift card comes up blank, you may input the gift note on the remarks

100% Waterproof + Never Changes Colour

Wear it everywhere and never have to take it off in the shower or for sports.

It will never tarnish or change colour no matter how many times you've worn it. Made from 100% stainless steel. 

Over 10,000+ Pieces Sold

We've sold over 10,000+ pieces of different items since we started in 2017.

All purchases come with Gung 's Signature Pouch. This reusable cloth pouch lets you store and protect your jewellery pieces from dust and scratches.

6+ Years & Counting

It's been 6+ years since we started Gung!

Gung comes from the word “宫” in Mandarin and “궁” in Korean, both meaning ‘Palace’.

Historically jewellery belonged only to royalty, those who lived in palaces.

And we want to bring jewellery to everyone, no matter what your background is.

We want to make you feel like 'You’re part of Royalty'.

Be Confident in Your Own Identity

In 2017, our founder Yinn started Gung to “empower women to be confident in their own identity, no matter what anyone says”.


We've been fortunate enough to be featured in all these publications as we continue to spread Gung's mission!

Launched first physical store

We started this journey 6+ years ago and in 2022, we launched our first physical store in Starhill!

Come say hi at our experience store in Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill!