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Our Mission for Sustainability

While we adorn you with our jewellery collection, mother nature is also what we care about!

As minimizing the detrimental effects of fashion industry created to the environment is what we always keep in our mind for our brand's core direction.

We know sustainability is a long journey and we’ll continue to make conscious efforts to protect our planet 💚


Packaging is one of the most important aspects for our brand refresh. We’re always exploring new ways to become more sustainable, that’s why we’ve eliminated single-use plastics and designed a packaging box that doubles as a greeting card to reduce paper waste ♻️

Gung Multifunctional Envelope Box

Our new packaging isn’t just pretty to look at, it’s functional and eco-friendly too!

We designed a new envelope box with a dedicated space for written messages because this 2-in-1 function helps to reduce paper waste! There’s also a gifting option which includes our beautiful clamshell box made of recyclable paper and a polishing cloth for jewellery care.

Gung Signature Pouch 2.0

Our latest design of complimentary jewellery pouch for storing your jewellery collection.

Made for reducing the consumption of paper.

Gung Signature Gift Box 2.0

Our latest design of optional gift box, for gifting purpose, for storing your jewellery collection.

Made for gifting your special one.

Faux Leather Jewellery Poouch

Our personalized faux leather jewellery pouch which is able to emboss with a personalized name.

Made for marking your very own jewellery collection

Recycle Program

Many fashion brands around the world have decided to go a step further by bringing the word "recycle" into their dictionaries, doing a favor to our home, the planet earth.

We are continuing with our new mission, one of our new year's resolutions is exactly that, recycling. An educational & meaningful collaboration with Kloth Cares, a Malaysian social enterprise that promotes sustainable lifestyle to the community through recycling initiatives and events in Malaysia.

We are beyond excited to announce our very first program "Trash to Treasure".

Give Second Chance to Your Jewellery

Now, simply ask ourselves, when we throw something away, it must go somewhere, why don't we make sure that thing will end up on the right track?

One individual can make a big difference, and when we build a team of people with a desire to change something, then we can make miracles.

What do we do and how it works?

Don't worry because it's very simple, all you have to do is send us your jewellery that you no longer use, they could be old or perhaps you just don't like it anymore.

We collect the donated pieces of jewellery and channel them to Thailand to repair and repurpose the unwanted jewellery.

It's very simple!

Don't throw, but collect

Collect your broken or unwanted jewellery and pack them in a bag.

Send to us

Send the unwanted or broken jewellery to us by courier service or drop off at your Petaling Jaya drop-off point.

We sort, then we send

We sort the variations of jewellery, then we send to Kloth Cares, they will send the donated pieces of jewellery to an organization in Thailand.


The partnered organization with Kloth Cares will repair the donated jewellery pieces and repurpose, donate to the less fortunate ones to resell at marketplaces in Thailand.

Recycling & Get Rewarded

You'll be rewarded for every of your donation!

Every 100 grams of donated jewellery = RM10 cash voucher

With every contribution you'll get store credits so you can spend it on your next Gung Jewellery purchase. We accept any unwanted jewellery as donation from any brand and any style.

Simple as that!

This definitely benefits the donor, and helping more less fortunate people by creating more jobs, a small contribution to our mother nature by creating less trash. And the best part of this is that when people make the choice by recycling, they get rewarded!


Step 1 : Fill in the form

Step 2 : Pack your jewellery in a bag with your name and email address.

Step 3 : We hope that you send us your unwanted jewellery to extend its life, so please only mail us items that you are comfortable parting with. We do not send back items so that we can avoid the environmental & unnecessary costs of shipping.

Please include your name and email in/on the packaging and mail them to the following address:

Gung Jewellery
44, 2nd Floor Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya

017- 660 7566


Drop them off at the GUNG Jewellery office at the same address above during business hours. x


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