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GUNG 101: Curating A Jewellery Travel Kit

Feb 22,2023 | Gung Admin

From New York to Seoul, you should never leave your jewellery behind when you are travelling! Before you start packing for your next vacation, here are some tips on how you can curate your own jewellery travel kit!

Keep It Simple

You might be tempted to get out all your statement pieces but we think simple is the way to go! Pick out versatile jewellery pieces that will match any outfit. Minimal and modern designs will be your style staples when living out of your suitcase.

Pack Your Holy Grails

If you’ve already got a few pieces you already wear and love on a daily basis, they belong in your travel kit! Your favourites will come in handy because you'll already be familiar with how to style them with your casual looks. 

Know Your Materials

The last thing you want on vacation is for your fingers to turn green or to get a neck rash from tarnishable jewellery. So, our hot tip is to pack durable jewellery pieces that will not fail you! We recommend waterproof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel so you can do all the fun activities without worry.

Store With Care 

Last but not least, show some love to your jewellery by storing them properly when you travel! Reuse little cloth pouches to keep your jewellery pieces separated so they don’t get scratched. You could also get yourself a mini jewellery box to keep everything organised.

Gung’s Choice: 5 Travel Essentials

Of course, we couldn’t end this without recommending our top 5 travel essentials (yes, jewellery is absolutely essential). So, here they are:

Now, you're all ready for your next vacation! 

Until next time, Gung.