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The Sparkle Collection: Part 2

Dec 06,2022 | Gung Admin

The second half of The Sparkle Collection just dropped! From the classics to the colourful, let’s take a look at what Part 2 has in store for you.

ASTREA series

Astrea, maiden of the stars, delivering endless elegant charm. This dreamy pair of studs are the luminious finishing touch to a dazzling outfit. Available in three sparkling styles, it is your time to shine.

VERITY series

Infinite brilliance in the smallest details, Verity demands the centre of attention in every room. Simple and sleek, this is a luminous accessory for your everyday looks. Available in five colours to match every mood. Verity can worn as a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or hoop earrings.

MYSTIC series

As the name suggest, Mystic is full of unexplainable beauty. The Mystic pendant elevates any outfit with a splash of sparkly radiance. Opt for a hint of colours with Desire and Romantic. Available in gold and silver, Mystic can be worn as a necklace or hoop earrings. 

AURORA series

Follow the waves of nature with Aurora. The Aurora embraces simplicity with an irregular design on rings and earrings. Available in gold and silver, Aurora is a subtle addition brimming with understated charms.

COSMIC series

Saving the best for last, the Cosmic Gold Cuff steals the show wherever you go. An elegant gold cuff decorated with a constellation of cubic zirconia stones, this is designed to dazzle!

Get bling’d up this season with Gung! You can shop the full collection now.

Until next time, Team Gung.