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5 Ways to Style with SummerLove Pearl Collection

Sep 23,2021 | Y O

Pearls have never been out of fashion. It is the most traditional form of fashion. You can layer pearls without looking too chunky. If you are a pearl fan just like us, don’t forget to have a look over our exciting SummerLove Pearl Collection. This new collection is all set to blow up this summer having the modern vibes with classical strands. Pearls not only give you a vintage look but also help you in standing out on any occasion. You can get an authentic look without any effort.
If you are thinking of rocking an event or want to buy an affordable jewellery gift for your friend than pearls are the best option, you can avail.

Style #1 - Pairing Necklace with Earrings

Lena Baroque Pearl Carabiner Necklace and Summer Baroque Freshwater Pearl Gold Earrings details are self-speaking. Small sized pearls definitely give classical feel with topping of innovation. You can accessorise this stunning necklace with many different styles of outfits. It’s totally on you whether you like it on a deep-V top or on a turtleneck shirt. Every look will rock in this charming Lena Baroque Pearl Carabiner Necklace and Summer Baroque Freshwater Pearl Gold Earrings. These are finely made from brass with the coating of 14k gold and in necklace the addition of cubic zirconia.

Want to sleek your casual day look? This slicky and shiny
Shell Gold Chain Necklace and Summer Shell Gold Huggies Earrings would definitely make your casual look a glossy look. 

This necklace beautifies your button down top as well as the turtleneck shirt. It is a brass made 14k gold plated locket and earrings. If you are crazy about street looks’ style, this necklace definitely gives a heavenly touch up to your appearance.

Style #2 - Layering Necklaces

You can never go wrong with the layers. And if garnishing the layers with pearls, this will definitely be going to stop the surrounding and stare at you. The combination of Shell Link Gold Chain Necklace with Lena Baroque Pearl Carabiner Necklace is just flawless. I love to wear a deep V-shaped neck with layered necklaces. 

Only a V-shape neck gives you the feel of perfection with our impeccable layered gold chain and pearl necklace. You can also try it with a button down shirt or more bold look with Bold Baroque Pearl Gold Beaded Necklace with Summer Freshwater Pearl Gold Necklace

Style #3 - Stacked Earrings

Summers are perfect for showing off your jewellery collections. Summer Baroque Freshwater Pearl Huggies Earring and Summer Shell Gold Huggies Earrings would certainly give you a stunning look. Stacked both and wearing it with an asymmetric top can be the game changer.

Style #4 - Wearing Pearl Necklace as a Bracelet

Bold Baroque Pearl Gold Beaded Necklace master-piece is self-explanatory. You can accessorise it in different ways. You can wear it as a necklace or use it as a wrist chain.

It gives you a luxury vibe in a young and modern look. It's also great for Great Gatsby themed events or parties.


Style #5 - Wearing Pearl Necklace as Scrunchies

Pearls are extremely versatile when it comes to accessorise your looks. This Bold Baroque Pearl Gold Beaded Necklace undoubtedly gives your bun a sleeky look. Planning a summer’s day out with your friends? This beaded bun effortlessly give you the perfect summer day vibes. 

A messy bun embellished with a bold pearl beaded necklace is the perfect way to use this multi-tasker. 
Also, if you cover your head with a scarf, you can accessorise your scarf with it too. It will definitely give you a bride’s maid vibes if you wear it as a headpiece. This will definitely turn the tables on your side in any event.

Get creative and show off your styles, explore our new
Summerlove Pearl Collection now!