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Style Icons You Need to Follow Right Now

Apr 26,2023 | Gung Admin

Fashion influencers are killing the game on Instagram. When your Pinterest is looking a little uninspired, Instagram is the place for all your OOTD inspo. But… you've got to know where to look. So, we’re rounding up a list of our favourite fashion influencers, who stand out due to their unique sense of style and vibrant individuality. Get ready to be INFLUENCED.

Ashley (@best.dressed

This woman is no stranger to the fashion world of New York City. Ashley, a Youtuber turned fashion Instagram icon, expresses all different sides of her personality through clothing. With an eye for composition and colour, Ashley always finds a way to turn style trends into her own. 

Hodan (@hodanyousuf)

Berlin-bound influencer, Hodan Yousuf, made her start on TikTok. With over 190k followers on TikTok and 162k on Instagram, I think it’s pretty clear that the girlies trust her taste. 90% of her wardrobe is thrifted (how cool is that!!) so you know her sense of style is the real deal. If you love mixing masculine and feminine styles, Hodan’s feed is made is for you.

Savi (@savislook)

Savi is a Beijing-based influencer to follow if you love neutral, elegant, and minimalistic styles. No matter where she is in the world, Savi puts together sleek and chic looks that girls like us can replicate with ease. Want to know how to accessorise like a pro? From choosing the right bag to jewellery stacking, Savi is your girl!

Nuria (@nuriamaa)

Fashion-lover, Nuria Ma, shares her passion for clothing via her Instagram page and Youtube channel. When she’s not running from Paris to Milan for Fashion Week, Nuria gets creative with her casual outfits in the busy cities of London. If you love monochromatic looks with pops of colour from time to time, you’ll want to give Nuria a follow immediately.

Pamela (@pameluft

Pastels, ribbons, lace, springtime…If these words match your aesthetic, Pamela’s Instagram is the pot of gold you’ve been waiting for. She loves a soft and feminine outfit, with cream knits and a pair of Mary Janes as her style staples. Pamela makes her outfits effortlessly gorgeous with a hint of whimsical flair.

Check these style queens out if you’re looking to spice up your looks! 

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Until next time, Gung.