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Steal Her Look: IT Girl edition

Jan 06,2023 | Gung Admin

Obsessed with the ‘IT Girl’ look? Chic, modern, effortless. Before you break the bank, we’re showing you ways to recreate looks from the hottest IT girls right now, all with Gung. Let’s transform you into the ‘IT Girl’ you always wanted to be.

Hailey Bieber

    Hailey Bieber is one of the biggest trendsetters of 2022. From the ‘glazed donut’ lips to the ‘clean bun’ hairstyle, Hailey has created all the viral trends we’ve seen all year. Her choice of jewellery is clean and minimalistic, often opting for classic gold pieces. To replicate her sleek style, here are our 3 picks:

    Jennie Kim

      The international sensation and member of Blackpink, Jennie Kim has taken the world by storm. K-pop star by day, fashion icon by night, what can't she do? Believe me when I say Jennie loves a good necklace stack. Recreate her fresh and bold necklace layers with 3 simple chains: 

      Emma Chamberlain 

        Internet icon Emma Chamberlain is the cool girl we all wish we were. With a following of 16 million on Instagram, safe to say we trust her taste. When she's rocking funky vintage clothing, she likes to balance it out with subtle, dainty pieces. However, she’s not afraid to rock a a statement bling on occasion. Check these pieces out to embody her signature style:

        Bella Hadid 

          The decade’s hottest supermodel Bella Hadid is killing the game. While she channels haute couture on the runway, her off-the-runway style blends vintage chic with playful Y2K influences. Bella loves her bold and gold jewellery, adding pops of colour when she feels like it. Here are our picks for a Bella-inspired look: 


          It's as simple as that!

          All it takes is confidence, good taste, and a little bit of creativity to accessorise like these style queens! Don’t forget to put in your own personal flair into these looks to make these styles your own. Good Luck!

          Love, Gung.