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Small Steps to Live More Sustainably

Mar 01,2023 | Gung Admin

You know us. We’re always looking for different ways to be kinder to the environment. So, we are sharing 5 easy, everyday habits you can adopt for a more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s show mother nature some love and take small actions that we can all take to make a positive impact!

#1 Bring A Reusable Bag

It’s 2023, let’s *finally* bid single-use plastics goodbye! Always carry a reusable bag in your purse because future you will thank you. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, trust me, just take it with you wherever you go so you never have to pay for plastic bags ever again.

#2 Always Make A List

We’ve all experienced going into the store thinking we’re just going to get that *one* thing we needed. 1 hour later, we're walking out with 10 extra things we didn't need. To prevent buying in excess, make a shopping list before you leave the house so you always have a visual reminder of everything you have to get.

#3 Shop Secondhand 

Thrifting is all the craze these days so this shall be your official sign to join the secondhand club! From clothing to furniture, you can save the planet and money when you shop secondhand. With a little time and effort, we are sure you’ll discover some gorgeous preloved gems off the racks soon! 

#4 Invest In Reusable Straws

No but seriously, save the turtles! Metal, silicon, bamboo, or glass, there are so many options for reusable straws nowadays. Make the permanent switch away from single-use straws by investing in a set of good-quality reusable straws. Made to last, we think it’s a fair trade-off for a greener earth!

#5 Repurpose Old Items 

Get crafty and creative by repurposing your old items! Find new ways to use old jars, cans, paper bags, etc. so they don’t always end up at the bottom of the bin. From plant pots to storage containers, give old items a new purpose so they don’t just turn into another piece of waste. 

There are infinite ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle but these are 5 simple steps you can start TODAY. Let this be your reminder that no action is too small. It’s time to acknowledge our environmental impact and do our best each day to help combat climate change!

Until next time, Gung.