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Pisces Season: Finding Balance Through Jewellery

Mar 13,2023 | Gung Admin

Ladies and gents, it’s officially Pisces season! This season (Feb 19 - Mar 20) is all about how to find more balance in your life. During this time period, you’ll find yourself taking a step back and taking life slower than usual. After all, it’s all about the zen vibes. So, to celebrate this season of rest and relaxation, we’ve picked out 4 pieces that will restore balance to our daily routines.

Clarity: Verity Classic Pendant Gold Necklace

In times of instability or uncertainty, we’re always looking for something that can give us clarity. For us, it’s the Verity Classic Pendant Gold Necklace. This simple gold chain is decorated with a clear cubic zirconia stone for a statement shine. It’s a reminder that sometimes, things are simpler than they appear.

Calm: Fucata Baroque Freshwater Pearl Gold Bracelet

Fucata is the jewellery piece to invite a wave of calmness into your day. This baroque freshwater pearl bracelet embraces nature’s precious beauty with its freshwater pearl beads. Its pearlescent shine will keep all the rocky waves at bay.

Bliss: Starry Gold Hoop Earrings

During this time of peaceful bliss, it’s hoops like our Starry Gold Hoop Earrings that keep the magic alive. Say goodbye to all the bad vibes with these pair of sparkles. Loop these hoops into your ear stack for a starry statement. 

Self-Care: Sandalwood Rose Candle 

Last but not least, this season of slow living isn’t complete without a little bit of self-care. Away from the stress and worries, this is your chance to unwind and give yourself a well-deserved break. Our go-to self-care routine is lighting our Sandalwood Rose Candle, putting on our favourite Spotify playlist, and reading a book.

Happy Pisces Season!  

Love, Gung.