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Introducing: The Dawn Collection

May 05,2023 | Gung Admin

Gung is embarking on a new adventure! We’re breaking the boundaries and entering the realm of tech accessories! Today, we're releasing our first collection of Apple Watch Straps! To celebrate this exciting launch, we’re giving you a closer look at the new collection!

Why Apple Watch Straps?

In our journey of growth, we are constantly stepping outside our comfort zone, trying new things, and reaching greater heights. With the aim of redefining jewellery and finding innovative ways to incorporate jewellery into the everyday lives of others, Apple Watch Straps seemed like the perfect choice. 

The Concept: Dawn

A universal symbol of new beginnings, ‘Dawn’ signifies Gung’s new adventure, stepping into new territory within the accessories world: tech accessories. ‘Dawn’ expresses the beauty of embarking on a new chapter in life, no matter how daunting it may be. Waterproof, non-tarnish and stylish, these stainless steel bands are functional jewellery at their best. Made to stay on all day long, they’re here to accompany you on your new exciting adventures.

Introducing: Era

Lightweight, sleek, and modern, Era is designed to be the classic everyday strap. This minimalistic Apple Watch Strap flaunts a delicate flat chain design that’s timeless and versatile. Era is proof that 'basic' doesn't have to be boring. Personalise it with a custom engraving to make it yours forever. Available in gold & silver.

Introducing: Rogue

Make bold moves with Rogue. Featuring a chunky chain link design, this statement Apple Watch Strap instantly brings a dramatic elegance to your watch. A strap that doubles as a chic bracelet, wrap it around your wrist before you head out the door. Top it off with a personalised engraving for a meaningful touch. Available in gold & silver.

A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

With Mother’s Day around the corner, Era and Rogue would make the perfect gift for all the mothers with Apple Watches! Engrave her initials or a special date to complete the gift. The Dawn Collection is available online & in store @Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill today!  

Happy Shopping, Gung.