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Gung x Nuria: How We Made It Happened

Apr 03,2023 | Gung Admin

Today, we finally launch our new Raya collection, Nuovo! In collaboration with local fashion brand, Nuria, Nuovo is a curation of jewellery pieces designed to be your next New Classics. To celebrate, we’re pulling back the curtains and giving you the story behind this exciting drop!

The Beginning

It all started with a conversation. Sharing a love for timeless fashion, Yinn (founder of Gung) and Zaznuriah (founder of Nuria) both connected on this idea of ‘classics’. Together, they really wanted to create something that represented the past and the present. This casual conversation soon became the start of a new project. From there, the creative journey began.

The Inspiration

Our design inspiration came from traditional textiles. In the early stages, we were fascinated by the intricate stitching and patterns that decorated traditional costumes like the baju kebaya and baju kurung. These textures and elements are present throughout the collection. From the twisted edges of the Dana pendant necklace to the round link of the Dalia bracelet, the eyelet stitch is a core motif within this collection.

The Story

Storytelling is an essential part of every collection. This time, we wanted to create a symphony of new and old, traditional and modern, historical and contemporary. In line with Raya, the story was about how the past shapes the person who has become today. 

The biggest question was: How could we take the idea of ‘classics’ into the contemporary world of individuality? And, Nuovo is our answer. 

The Result

After months of hard work, our new collection is here for everyone to enjoy. We are incredibly proud of each and every design and we hope you enjoy these pieces too. It’s been a pleasure working with Nuria, a brand we’ve admired for a long time, on this collection. You can now shop the full collection online & in store. 

We hope you enjoyed this inside look into our new collection! 

Don't forget to also check out Nuria's 'Irama & Lagu' collection here!

Love, Gung.