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Gung’s Top Picks for 5 Different Aesthetics

Jan 13,2023 | Gung Admin

Searching for jewellery pieces to match your clothing style? You’ve come to the right place! We’re rounding up our top jewellery picks to suit 5 different aesthetics. So keep reading to find out your perfect match!

#1 Smart & Chic

For those who enjoy a simple white blouse and some smart slacks, clean and minimal jewellery designs will match you best! Pair your stylish fits with pieces that give a subtle highlight without overwhelming a look. 

For a ‘Smart & Chic’ style, try out:

#2 Grand & Elegant

Always ready to impress, those whole like it grand will grab any opportunity to dress up. From power-suits to evening gowns, match up the mood with eye-catching jewellery pieces. Go for all the sparkle because, why not?

For a ‘Grand & Elegant’ style, try out:

#3 Casual & Classic

A definite creature of habit, it’s the t-shirt and jeans combo on repeat. So, take it easy with jewellery pieces that are versatile and timeless. Thin chain necklaces and basic rings will freshen up your look instantly. 

For a ‘Casual & Classic’ style, try out:


#4 Sweet & Feminine

From floral prints to babydoll silhouettes, balance out your sweet & feminine outfits with some classy jewellery. Choose jewellery with fine and delicate designs to complement your wardrobe. A pearlescent shine or dreamy charm is the way to your heart.   

For a ‘Sweet & Feminine’ style, try out:


#5  Edgy & Bold

With your fresh outfits, it’s no surprise that you’re the coolest kid on the block. Rock your platform boots and leather jacket with bold and gold jewellery. Style your next OOTD with our favourite chunky chains. 

For a ‘Edgy & Bold’ style, try out:

Now you know which Gung pieces will suit your personal style best! Try these pieces on and see for yourself when you visit our Gung’s Experience Store @Eslite Spectrum, The Starhill. 


Until next time, Gung.