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Gung’s Guide to Jewellery Care

Dec 16,2022 | Gung Admin

Not sure where to start with jewellery care? Here are 5 easy tips on how to give your pieces some TLC!

1. Polish them regularly

From time to time, polish your pieces with a non-abrasive cloth (which comes with every Gung order!) to get rid of dust or oils.

2. The 2-step Method

Dip in mild soapy water, brush with a soft toothbrush, rinse and REPEAT. A simple way to maintain the shine in every piece!

3. Store your pieces properly

To keep your pieces away from the nasty moisture, put them away in individual cloth bags. (Psst, Gung’s mini cloth bags are made for this!)

4. Be careful with light

Avoid exposing your gemstone jewellery under harsh light in excess to prevent its bright colours from fading.

5. Put them on rotation

We’re all guilty of having favourites but remember to show some love to your other jewellery pieces too!


With these 5 tips, you’re on your way to being a master at jewellery care! 

Love, Team Gung.