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Gung’s Style: MBTI Edition

Jun 19,2023 | Gung Admin

Yes, you read the title right. We’re psychoanalysing you to give you the best jewellery recommendations…because why not? MBTI is a great conversation starter and has quickly cemented become a huge part of pop culture. So, here are the jewellery designs that we think best represent your MBTI personality!

INTJ: The Architect

We chose: Bold Paperclip Bracelet, Edgy Necklace, Bibelot Hoop Earrings

Reason: You’re imaginative yet strategic. The king of organising and planning. Jewellery with repetitive and angular shapes is as satisfying as it gets. Also, silver >>>


INTP: The Technician

We chose: Stardust Pendant Necklace, Mira Bold Ring, Era Apple Watch Strap

Reason: As an INTP, you’re innovative and curious. Always thinking outside the box. So, you’ll appreciate jewellery pieces with a unique story behind them.

ENTJ: The Commander

We chose: Dalia Chain Necklace, Ray Hoop Earrings, Ruby Verity Bracelet

Reason: One word, BOLD. You know what you want and you’re not shy to say it. Jewellery that emanates that same confidence is exactly what you need. 

ENTP: The Debater

We chose: Baroque Pearl Necklace, Dew Pearl Bracelet, Eros Mini Hoop Earrings

Reason: You’ve always been a smart and curious kid. You’ve got a huge social circle and love to go out with friends. Versatile jewellery to style on-the-go is perfect for a social butterfly like you.

Would you like to see Part 2? 

Love, Gung.