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Embrace #GUNGgirlsPower to Feel Empowered & Get Inspired

Jan 01,2022 | Jh See

The fear, anxiety, grief, and loss induced by the pandemic have been heavy on all of us.
The constant pervasive feeling and drumbeat of anxiety haven’t yet left our minds and hearts. The world at this point feels like a dark and lonely place. But with a little love, hope and empathy, we can still beat the odds.

Alyssa Johaan

2020 and 2021 have been unusual years. Through these years, we all have lost something. During these unprecedented times, the Gung Community didn’t leave our side for a split second. Every like, comment, and review received touched our hearts. We are truly thankful for that!

Naddy Rahman

Now that 2022 is about to begin, let this new year serve as a ray of hope that inspires you to recollect yourself and achieve better things ahead. To lift up the spirits, let us introduce you to #GUNGgirlsPower; an opportunity to get closer to #GungGirls and get inspired by their journey.

Maggy Wang

Sometimes, all we need is a little boost for something big and revolutionary to happen. This is a chance to get real and foster a meaningful connection with others in our Gung Community. Learn what inspired our #GungGirls to step out of their comfort zone in times when our personal lives, careers, and businesses had taken a hit.
Let this be an opportunity to create a sense of community, spread positivity, pass good vibes, loosen up, and share untold stories. Let us all be grateful for what the year 2021 brought us and set new goals for the coming year. We strongly believe this could be the start of something new!

Vanessa Tevi Kumares

Through the #GUNGgirlsPower campaign, we hope to inspire you, to be grateful to see another day, to relax and take a breather and love yourself. Even though we lost many things in the previous years, we also gained some. With a little planning and a positive mindset, we still have the power to turn things around, do good, and achieve more.
Let’s join hands and rise together to become stronger versions of ourselves.

With Love,
Team Gung