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Birthstone april

Aug 23,2022 | Y O

A little touch of nature and astrology blended with intricate craftsmanship; you can express yourself elegantly with our Birthstone Necklace Collection. Twelve unique birthstones represent each month of birth and their associated attributes, drawing inspiration from popular trends, the universe, and beyond.

January ~ Garnet ~ Protection
February ~ Amethyst ~ Wisdom
March ~ Aquamarine ~ Serenity
April ~ Quartz/Diamond ~ Strength
May ~ Emerald ~ Hope
June ~ Pearl/Alexandrite ~ Love
July ~ Ruby ~ Vitality
August ~ Peridot ~ Beauty
September ~ Sapphire ~ Truth
October ~ Tourmaline ~ Healing
November ~ Citrine ~ Joy
December ~ Turquoise ~ Friendship


Wearing your matching birthstone pendant feels empowering. These beautiful stones are often admired for their positive balancing energies, keeping you grounded and centred. Feel your birthstone passively inspiring you each day with its radiating energy and stunning symbolism.

Our Birthstone Necklaces are exquisitely designed with a thin chain, flat circular pendant, and the petite corresponding crystal for subtle colour and personality. The metal comes in a silver or gold tone to complement your other jewellery. What sets these particular birthstone necklace designs apart from others is their uncluttered, versatile, and sophisticated style with a small stone that isn't too over-the-top while still looking absolutely divine.


Flaunt your birthstone characteristics and personal attributes with it as a day-to-day accessory - the crystal is unique to your birth month and is recognised by its lovely hue. The simplicity of the design makes it suitable for casual or formal attire, flattering many outfits. These pendants also make a wonderful gift idea to cherish a friend or loved one as a personalised gesture!