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A Message of Love, Connection & Bliss for the Maternal Bond

May 03,2022 | Jh See

Sure, life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, nor does it come with a set of instructions on how to live. But luckily for us, mothers are by our side to comfort us in trying times, to guide us when we feel lost, and to love us when we feel unloved.

This maternal bond that was created in the heavens is a bond like no other. This Mother’s Day, let’s muffle through the digital noise and cherish our real-life guardian angel by embracing her, holding her hands and connecting with her.

Ditch your screens and make a conscious effort to connect with our queen. It will give you & her the mental peace that’s been missing. The memories you share with her maybe bitter & sweet, but we bet you wouldn’t want to change a thing!

This Mother’s Day, let’s honor this superwoman and take this as an opportunity to reinforce the bond! Gung Jewelry invites a few pairs of cool mothers and daughters to have a relaxing & fun chat, sharing the sweet and precious moments spent together, and participate in some fun activities chosen for this day.

The founder of Gung Jewellery, Yinn Ooi & her mother

In the end, we would like to give the mic to mothers to share some valuable advices, some pearls of wisdoms that serve as a source of inspiration for daughters across the world!

Happy Superwoman’s Day!

Team Gung