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How to shop holiday gifts for someone and make a perfect fit in her jewellery box?

Dec 13,2021 | Jh See

Shopping for a perfect accessory as a gift

This year you have decided that you want to give jewellery gift to someone special, but you don´t know from where to start or you are not sure if they already have the thing you chose for them? Holiday shopping can be stressful and it takes time and effort to think of the perfect gift especially when you don´t have gaudiness.

Luckily, you are in the right place because where would you ask for help if not from someone who is a specialist in that field? Ooi Yinn is the founder and designer of Gung Jewellery, a local demi-fine brand of everyday easy-to-wear pieces and suitable in this domain.

To help narrow down your search from our pool of amazing choices, we partnered with content creator Cai Jin to weigh in on her selection of stylish pieces.

   "My fashion style pretty much depends on my mood. However, most days my style leans towards the minimalistic, clean and polished look. I love a mix of dainty and statement pieces when it comes to accessories. I usually put on dainty pieces if I'm wearing statement outfit and vice versa" Cai Jin says.

Cai Jin’s top 5 favourite Gung jewellery 

How to shop for fashion accessories, gifts and make a perfect fit in their jewellery box?
Lena B
аrоque Freshwater Pearl Gold Necklace
A stunning and eye-catching, yet very elegant asymmetric shaped freshwater pearls and a fancy carabiner clasp. The whole necklace symbolizes a sweet and long-lasting friendship.

Gung Jewellery perfect unique gift for bridesmaid, anniversary
This adds a fascinating and luxurious edge when it is worn with everyday outfits, evening events, or even on special occasion clothes. The necklace is love at first sight and a gift for the true jewelry lover.

Gung Jewellery perfect unique gift for bridesmaid, anniversary
Gold plated chain that can be tied multiple times around the neck or in some other styles, or even around your wrist like a bracelet. This necklace is sure to become a new favorite in everyone's jewellery collection. Strong and famine at the same time.

Gung Jewellery perfect unique gift for bridesmaid, anniversary
If you want to add a little bit more to the gift, these Baroque pearl Huggies hoop earrings offer a timeless and chic addition to that Baroque freshwater pearl gold necklace, a modern and elegant design which functions symbiotically with each piece of clothing.

Gung Jewellery perfect unique gift for bridesmaid, anniversary
Another classic piece of jewellery decorated with a small, polished, and shiny gold stone. You can match them with anything, all kinds of earrings, or alone, just the way they are. Whatever you choose, you can´t go wrong. These are timeless beauty.

Cai Jin also loves how versatile the choices of Gung Jewellery are. The Lena Baroque Pearl Necklace will look so good with a white button up shirt or a mini floral dress. The pieces she chooses for holiday gifting are elegant and simple, so you cannot go wrong with your choice.

       Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Gung jewellery collection is all about that. Minimalistic, delicate, bold, and eye-pleasing pieces that can be worn with any outfit, whether it is a daytime or evening look.
Don´t be afraid if you choose something similar that they already have. Everyone has their unique signature jewellery style and it´s very personal. Also, no one ever said that they have too much jewellery.

Team Gung